ASTM WK68231

    Reinstatement of E1031 - 96 Standard Test Method for Analysis of Iron-Making and Steel-Making Slags by X-Ray Spectrometry (Withdrawn 2002)

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    Testing of slags by XRF is still used by most, if not all, of those analyzing iron and steelmaking slags. There is no other ASTM or ISO standard to cover this analytical area.


    Blast furnace iron; Calcium oxide (CaO) content;emslags; Iron-making slags; Iron oxide content;emrefractories/slags; Magnesium oxide (MgO) content;emrefractories/slag; Optical emission vacuum spectrometric analysis; Phosphorus pentoxide content;emrefractories/slags; Silicon dioxide (SiO ) content;emrefractories/slag; Slag; Steel-making slags; Sulfur content;emslags; Titanium dioxide (TiO ) content;emrefractories/slags; X-ray emission spectrometry; iron-making/steel-making slags;emanalysis, by X-ray spectrometry, test,;Order Form;
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