ASTM WK68123

    Revision of D2892 - 18a Standard Test Method for Distillation of Crude Petroleum (15-Theoretical Plate Column)

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    Active Standard: D2892 - 18a

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    boiling point distillation; crude oil distillation; distillation; fractional distillation; TBP curves;;


    This revision was previously balloted and received a negative which was found persuasive. This work item is being submitted to address the negative voters comments. As previously balloted, it was brought to the subcommittees attention that the boiling point for hexadecane at 0.133 kPa (1 mm Hg) is incorrect. The AET boiling point for hexadecane is 286.9C, which when calculated using a Watson K-Factor of 12.9, equates to an observed boiling point of 106.2C, not 105.2C as given in A4.4.2.6. This work item was created to correct this error. A footnote is added to reference the source of the k-factor and boiling point of hexadecane used.

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    D02 (19-05)

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