ASTM WK68067

    Revision of D4057 - 12(2018) Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

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    Active Standard: D4057 - 19

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    automatic sampler; all-levels sample; boring sample; boring sampling; bottle/beaker sampling; bottom sample; bottom water sample; clearance sample; composite sample; core sample; core thief spot sampling; dead bottom sample; deck composite sample; dipper sample; dipper sampling; dissolved water; drain sample; emulsion; entrained water; extended tube sampling; floating piston cylinder; floating roof sample; free water; grab sample; grab sampling; grease sample; grease sampling; high pressure sample cylinder; intermediate sample container; loading zone sample; lower sample; marine custody transfer; maximum fill density (reduced fill density); middle sample; multiple tank composite sample; outage tube (internal); portable manual sampling unit; PSU; primary sample container; representative sample; running sample; sample; sample containers; sample handling; sample labeling; sample mixing; sample shipment; sampling; sampling cage; spot sample; standpipes; static sampling; suction sample (outlet); sump sample; surface (skim) sample; tank composite sample; tap sample; tap sampling; test specimen; top sample; tube or thief sample; tube sampling; upper sample; volumetric composite sample; zone sample;;


    The purpose of the revision of this document was to address red file items. Only the highlighted sections are open for ballot/comment. The following changes were made: Revise definition of sampling to state that the objective of sampling is to obtain a representative sample, not that the actual results of sampling are representative; Fig 5 Move Bullet 6 to the suction location; Fig 16 Open to remove the word line or 7.8 To reword to clear up Paragraph 7.8 Pipeline Manual Tap Sample Probe doesnt explicitly require the use of a sample probe, but the wording implies that the use of one is assumed and it certainly doesnt indicate that they are optional. 9.29 to address concerns on Pet Coke Sampling ASTM WK52477 References add new Green Pet Coke Reference. References to API MPMS 8.5 / ASTM D8009 Define Live and Dead Crude and appropriate sample method and add verbiage for API MPMS 8.5/ ASTM D8009

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