ASTM WK67824

    Revision of D7158 / D7158M - 19 Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Asphalt Shingles (Uplift Force/Uplift Resistance Method)

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    Active Standard: D7158 / D7158M - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: D08.02 | Committee D08 | Contact Staff Manager



    asphalt shingles; calculated wind resistance; factory-applied sealant; fan-induced wind; field-applied sealant; roofing; sealant bond strength; shingle mechanical uplift resistance; shingle uplift pressure coefficients; shingle uplift rigidity; wind resistance; wind uplift force;;


    This ballot addresses a concern raised in a negative submitted on Ballot D08(18-05), Item 3. The negative voter graciously withdrew to permit that ballot to move forward based on an agreement to attempt to correct a comment related to use of terrain multipliers. Currently, the standard indicates terrain multipliers are to be used only in situations in which the building is located on a steep hill or escarpment over 18.3 m [60 ft] in height. ASCE 7-16 provides different direction. This ballot item directs the user to ASCE 7-16 for guidance on this matter. Section X1.4.1.2(3)

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    D08 (19-03)

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