ASTM WK67751

    Revision of B8 - 11(2017) Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors, Hard, Medium-Hard, or Soft

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    Active Standard: B8 - 11(2017)

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    concentric-lay-stranded copper conductors; concentric-lay-stranded hard; copper conductors; copper conductors for electrical purposes; medium-hard; or soft copper conductors;;


    It is proposed that in Table 1 for Class B stranding of 1100 kcmil, 1200 kcmil, 1250 kcmil, 1300 kcmil, 1400 kcmil and 1500 kcmil that 61wire construction be allowed as an alternative construction. The manufacturing process to build a 91w construction requires multiple passes through a conductor stranding machine. Utilization of a 61w design permits the construction to be built in a single pass. In ASTM B496 for compact copper conductor, ASTM B231 for compressed aluminum conductors, ASTM B400 for compact aluminum conductors and in ASTM B801 for Series 8000 aluminum conductors for the conductors in this size range the tables that define the number of wires in the 91 wire constructions include a footnote identifier that allows the 61 wire option to do so.

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