ASTM WK67493

    New Practice for Application of Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) Coating to Carbon Steel Pipe

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    1. Scope

    1.1This practice defines the minimum requirements for the application of Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) coatings to carbon steel pipe for the purpose of preventing atmospheric corrosion or corrosion under insulation. This practice is intended to be effective for TSA coatings applied at pipe manufacturing facilities or at on-site assembly locations. 1.2TSA can be applied on the external surfaces of piping to prevent atmospheric (non-insulated piping) corrosion up to 1000F (540C) surface temperature or in the corrosion under insulation in the range of 25F to 300F (-4C to 150C) surface temperature. 1.3This practice includes requirements for surface preparation, materials, application and quality control of TSA applied to carbon steel piping at the pipe manufacturing facility or at an on-site-assembly location.


    Thermal spray aluminum (TSA); atmospheric corrosion; corrosion under insulation (CUI); piping; surface preparation;


    This standard has been requested by user members of the Materials Technology Institute of the Chemical Process Industries (MTI), who believe that creation of an ASTM Standard will facilitate its use by smaller companies. (It is already being used by larger companies as a proprietary requirement.) It will be used by chemical producers and petroleum refiners who have insulated, high temperature piping systems and desire to minimize corrosion.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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