ASTM WK67454

    New Test Methods for Additive manufacturing -- Feedstock materials -- Methods to characterize metallic powders

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    1. Scope

    This document provides technical specifications for metallic powders intended to be used in additive manufacturing and covers the following aspects: documentation and traceability; sampling; particle size distribution; chemical composition; characteristic densities; morphology; flowability; contamination; packaging and storage. This document does not deal with safety aspects. In addition, this document gives specific requirements for used metallic powders in additive manufacturing.


    AM; sampling; powder size characterization


    Many stakeholders use metallic powders to manufacture parts made by additive manufacturing in different sectors of industry. This document aims to simplify the relationship between the supplier and the customer regarding the supply of metal powder for additive manufacturing purposes, irrespective of the process involved. The document provides a list of accurate and existing standards dedicated to metallic powder and suitable for additive manufacturing, & gives a set of methods to characterize the main properties of metal powders used in additive manufacturing. Although this document does not give acceptability thresholds, it serves as a general basis for industrial applications in AM from metal powders such as powder bed fusion (for example). This document will serve as a basis for the development of other characterization standards for more specific applications, such as aeronautics or medical (for example), which can require high levels of quality and other characteristics.

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