ASTM WK67211

    Revision of D664 - 18e2 Standard Test Method for Acid Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration

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    Active Standard: D664 - 18e2

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.06 | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager



    acid number; B5; B10; B20; B100; biodiesel; biodiesel blend; lubricants; petroleum products; potentiometric; strong acid number; titration;;


    According to D664, the blank correction must be conducted to determine the acid number; however, the accurate and precise blank determination is difficult using 0.1 N of potassium hydroxide titrant. The variation of the blank value determined by using 0.1 N of potassium hydroxide has significant impact on the precision of low acid number determination. This Work Item is to eliminate the blank correction from the acid number calculation in order to improve the precision on the low acid number analysis.

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    Michael Choi

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