ASTM WK66762

    Revision of C696 - 11 Standard Test Methods for Chemical, Mass Spectrometric, and Spectrochemical Analysis of Nuclear-Grade Uranium Dioxide Powders and Pellets

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    Active Standard: C696 - 19

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    impurity content; isotopic composition; stoichiometry; uranium content; uranium dioxide: Carbon content--nuclear materials; Chemical analysis--nuclear materials; Atomic ratio--uranium dioxide (powders and pellets); Chlorine content--nuclear materials/applications; Fluoride content; Fluorine content; Gases--radioactive; Dichromate titration; Hydrogen content--nuclear materials; Ferrous sulfate reduction; Ignition--rubber/cellular materials; Ignition impurity correction method; Impurities--nuclear materials; Inert gas fusion; Isotopic analysis; Kjeldahl method; Mass spectrometry--nuclear materials/applications; Moisture analysis--nuclear materials; Nitrogen content--nuclear materials; Oxygen-to-uranium (O/U) atomic ratio; Polarographic methods; Rare earth content; Silver content--nuclear materials; Spectrochemical analysis; Stoichiometry; Sulfur--nuclear materials; Surface analysis--nuclear materials; Thorium content; Trace elements--nuclear materials; Uranium atomic ratio; Uranium content; Uranium dioxide (powders and pellets); Uranium isotopic analysis; Volatile matter content--nuclear materials;


    Removing obsolete methods, adding SI unit statement, Terminology updates

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