ASTM WK66721

    Reinstatement of A882 / A882M - 04a(2010) Standard Specification for Filled Epoxy-Coated Seven-Wire Prestressing Steel Strand (Withdrawn 2019)

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    Active Standard: A882 / A882M - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: A01.05 | Committee A01 | Contact Staff Manager



    coating requirements; corrosion resistance; epoxy coating; prestressed concrete; steel wire; strand (tendons); Epoxy-coated steel wire--specifications; Filled epoxy-coated steel wire; Prestressed concrete; Prestressing steel; Seven-wire strand (tendon); Steel wire strand--specifications; Strand (tendons);


    1. The title is being revised to overcome use of the term prestressed concrete to better reflect current usage of coated strand, e.g., in cable stay bridges and as rock and soil anchors. 2. Revise the Scope to cite Annex A1 [add new Section 1.2]. 3. Revise Section 2replace ASTM G12 with D7091. 4. In Section 3 on Terminology, add definitions of the terms batch and lot. 5. Revise Section 4 on Ordering Information to follow the Subcommittees practice on the content and format of Ordering Information sections in specifications. 6. Extensive revisions of Section 5 on Materialsto overcome gaps and to make editorial enhancements of the section. 7. Sections 7 and 8editorial improvements of the sections. 8. Section 11 on Inspection is being revised to follow the Subcommittees practice on the content of such sections. 9. The wording of Section 12 on Rejection is being enhanced. 10. Section 13 on Certification is being editorially revised and to include the boilerplate language regarding a material test report, etc. 11. New Section 14 on Packaging and Package Marking is intended to overcome an omission in the existing specification. 12. Revision of Section 15 (formerly 14)editorial enhancements. 13. A new Supplementary Requirements section for bond strength of strand used in prestressed ground anchors is being added to the specification. 14. Editorial revisions are being made in Annex A1. Balloting History: This proposed revision of the specification was originally balloted as Item 3 in Subcommittee Ballot 15-04. Item 3 drew two negatives and comments from two voters. In response to the negative vote and comments received in Subcommittee Ballot 15-04, Item 3 was revised and balloted as Item 2 in Subcommittee Ballot 16-03. Item 2 in Subcommittee Ballot 16-03 received five negatives and three voters submitted comments. In response to the negatives and comments on Item 2 in Subcommittee Ballot 16-03, the proposed revision of the specification has been further revised and the revised ballot item is presented in this ballot. This proposal was also balloted as Item 5 in Subcommittee Ballot 17-04, Item 10 in Main Committee A01 Ballot 18-01, and Item 8 on A01.05 18-03. A negative vote on Item 8 was withdrawn; however, the specification has expired and so now is being balloted for reinstatement, along with the set of revisions previously included for ballot.

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