ASTM WK66717

    Revision of B124 / B124M - 18a Standard Specification for Copper and Copper Alloy Forging Rod, Bar, and Shapes

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    Active Standard: B124 / B124M - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: B05.02 | Committee B05 | Contact Staff Manager



    bar; brass; brass forging shapes; brass forgings; bronze; bronze forging shapes; copper; copper alloy; copper alloy forging bar; copper alloy forging rod; copper alloy forging shapes; copper alloy forgings; copper forging bar; copper forging rod; copper forging shapes; copper forgings; copper nickel; copper nickel forging rod; copper nickel forgings; hot forging; hot forging stock; nickel silver; nickel silver forging shapes; nickel silver forgings; rod; shapes; UNS Alloy Nos. C27450; C27451; C27453; C28500; C35330; C36500; C37000; C37700; C46400; C46500; C46750; C48200; C48500; C48600; C48640; C49250; C49255; C49260; C49265; C49300; C49340; C49345; C49350; C49355; C49360; C61900; C62300; C63000; C63200; C64200; C64210; C65500; C65680; C67500; C67600; C69150; C69240; C69300; C69410; C70620; C71520; C77400; UNS Nos. C11000; C14500; C14700; C87700; C87710; CW612N; CW617N;;


    Add alloy UNS No. C36300.

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