ASTM WK66682

    New Guide for Evaluating Post-processing and Characterization Techniques for AM Part Surfaces

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    1. Scope

    Currently NIST, ASME B46, and ISO/ASTM are working on various related topics to understand the surface texture of AM components, identify suitable surface measurement techniques, define suitable surface characterization metrics for AM parts, and establish high level design guidelines for surface finishing of AM components. The work proposed here focuses on some of the key elements required to understand the application of post-processing techniques to AM parts.


    Surface finishing; surface roughness; surface metrics; profilometry; white light interferometry; scanning laser microscopy; focus variation microscopy:


    Additive Manufacturing (AM) has enabled users to build complex geometries. However, finishing and characterizing the surface quality of these complex geometries is still a challenge. It has also been observed that AM parts usually have poor as-built surface quality that affects the fatigue and flow characteristics. Thus, understanding and standardizing surface finishing processes becomes a critical component of the AM supply chain. This standard will be used by the additive manufacturing community, the nondestructive testing community, and the fatigue and fracture community for surface characterization techniques and metrics.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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