ASTM WK66542

    Revision of E1922 - 04(2015) Standard Test Method for Translaminar Fracture Toughness of Laminated and Pultruded Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

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    Active Standard: E1922 - 04(2015)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D30.05 | Committee D30 | Contact Staff Manager




    This standard has been transferred from E08 to D30 (specifically D30.05). I have endeavored to harmonize the current published standard with D30 boilerplate for consistency with other D30.05 standards. I will also be providing a technical update to transition from a calculation of translaminar fracture toughness to a laminate-specific stress at fracture, moving the historical calculations to an appendix, and adding discussion on the appropriate use of the test method.

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    Adam Sawicki

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