ASTM WK66518

    Revision of E1300 - 16 Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings

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    Active Standard: E1300 - 16

    Developed by Subcommittee: E06.52 | Committee E06 | Contact Staff Manager



    annealed glass; deflection; flat glass; fully tempered glass; glass; heat-strengthened glass; insulating glass; laminated glass; load resistance; monolithic glass; probability of breakage; snow load; soda lime silicate; strength; wind load;;


    1.1 Review and revise the Appendix 9 Method for Determining Effective Thickness of Laminated Glass for Analysis of Stress and Deflection. 1.1.1 Clarification is proposed for application of the Effective Thickness Method for simply supported laminated glass subject to uniform lateral loads. 1.1.2 Revision of the X9.7 Example 13 to a simply-supported laminated beam subject to a uniform lateral load is proposed. 1.2 Review practicality of non factored load (NFL) chart Fig.A1.44 for Laminated Single Glazing Continuously Supported Along One Edge (Cantilever). Examine if boundary conditions assumed at the continuously fixed end are representative of common design applications the figure is intended to represent.

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