ASTM WK66334

    New Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavements and Other Trafficked Surfaces Using a Walking Speed Continuous Reading, Fixed-Slip Technique

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    1. Scope

    This test method is used to measure skid resistance on a wide variety of surfaces and for a wide variety of circumstances using a walking speed continuous reading, fixed-slip measuring equipment (CFME). Walking speed CFME enables surface friction surveys to be conducted where high speed CFME are not able to measure due to safety reasons or limited operating space. Walking speed CFME is manually powered, pushed forward, at a normal walking pace. Walking speed CFME makes it possible for friction surveys that encompass short lengths, very precise survey lines and high resolution data collection such as friction Mu values for every inch along a friction survey line. Friction surveys can be conducted on dry surfaces, wet surfaces, or with a self-wetting feature.


    Portable; Manual; Bicycle Paths; Crosswalks; Helicopter Pads; Roads; Runways; Repair; Patches; Painted Surface; Markings; Floors; Thermoplastic markings; Walkways; Parking Lots; Sidewalks; Bridges; Pedestrians; Pavement; Resurfaced; Bus Lane; School Zone; Metal Grates;


    Walking Speed CFME provides friction testing for every instance where high speed CFME is impractical, dangerous to operate or impractical due to limited space. Helicopter pads, road repair, runway repair, bus lane, bicycle paths, bridges, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, coated metal surfaces, painted surfaces, coated pavement, industry floors, etc. Used by any civilian, government or military employee. Walking speed CFME is highly portable and capable of friction surveys at any location. Walking speed CFME is capable of dry friction surveys and wet surface friction surveys.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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