ASTM WK66033

    Revision of F1807 - 18 Standard Specification for Metal Insert Fittings Utilizing a Copper Crimp Ring for SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing and SDR9 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Tubing

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    Active Standard: F1807 - 19b

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    cold and hot water distribution; copper crimp rings; cross-linked polyethylene; metal insert fittings; PE-RT polyethylene of raised temperature; PEX ;;


    The ASTM F1807 fitting standard defines the tubing to be used in conjunction with these crimp ring fittings as either PEX or PERT. The PEX tubing must meet the requirements of ASTM F876. However, the reference to the PERT tubing standards throughout this document state that it meet the requirements of Specifications F2623 and F2769 or a combination thereof. This is not good standards language as it is not stated how to determine what constitutes a combination thereof. It is the goal of this project to clarify which PERT tubing standard is required by specifying the application for each standard within F1807. The ASTM F2623 states in its scope that it is for use in general fluid transport, including hydronics and irrigations systems. Whereas, the ASTM F2769 states the components covered by this specification are intended for use in residential and commercial, hot and cold, potable water distribution systems. This will ultimately clarify language that requires PERT tubing to meet Specifications F2623 and F2769 or a combination thereof.

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