ASTM WK65937

    New Specification for Additive Manufacturing -- Space Application -- Flight Hardware made by Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion Process

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    1. Scope

    This is an applicable document to WKXXXXX-3716. It defines procedural requirements for foundational aspects of process control in LB-PBF: definition and qualification of the LB-PBF qualification process; maintenance, calibration, and qualification of LB-PBF equipment and facilities; and training of personnel for LB-PBF operations. This standard is applicable to the control and qualification of LB-PBF processes as governed by WKXXXXX-3716.


    AM; PBF; materials; processes


    This standard was adapted in ISO/ASTM format directly from the NASA LB-PBF specification MSFCSPEC3717. Only terminology and conventions have been changed from the original document that is meant to certify parts used in manned space flight produced by LB-PBF when enforced together with WKXXXXX-3716, Additive Manufacturing-Finished Part Properties and Post Processing-Standard Specification for Additively Manufactured Spaceflight Hardware by Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion In Metals. . This Standard is proposed for development by ASTM F42 to provide uniform engineering and technical requirements for processes, procedures, practices, and methods that have been endorsed as standard for aerospace programs and projects, including requirements for selection, application, and design criteria of safety critical parts. The purpose of this specification is to convey procedures and practices for process qualification and control. This standard implements the requirements for qualification of the laser powder bed fusion (LB-PBF) qualification process, control of LB-PBF equipment and associated facilities, and training of personnel. Though LB-PBF is a highly automated process, vigilant qualification and control of the process is essential to ensure part quality. In addition to manufacturing parts, by its nature, the LB-PBF process also serves a critical role in the production of the material itself. Qualification of the LB-PBF process on each additive manufacturing machine is essentialjust as is required in the commonplace qualification of welding processes in aerospace practice. The methodology for qualification of the metallurgical process in LB-PBF has not yet been standardized by the industry. This identifies the basic requirements needed to evaluate the quality of the LB-PBF metallurgical process and provide metrics for use in continuous process monitoring and part acceptance. Process qualification depends upon a known state of calibration and qualification of the LB-PBF machine as well as the quality of controls over the supporting facility, such as the storage and handling of feedstock powder. Regardless of the level of automation, LB-PBF is a complex and meticulous process, requiring practitioners with proper education, experience, and skills to achieve the expectations of quality for aerospace applications.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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