ASTM WK65894

    Revision of D5929 - 18 Standard Test Method for Determining Biodegradability of Materials Exposed to Source-Separated Organic Municipal Solid Waste Mesophilic Composting Conditions by Respirometry

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    Active Standard: D5929 - 18

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    D34 has had significant discussions regarding the terminology used within standards that relate to differing methods of managing organic waste. The term compost and biodegradation have been a point of debate with varying positions on the proper use of these terms. To avoid potential misinterpretation or misuse of this test method, the terms are being changed to mineralization and organic waste pile. The term municipal was also changed to industrial to clarify the process as the term industrial compost reflects a highly managed process rather than a passive one that may be employed at a municipality. Definitions for the new terms were added for clarification. And the scope was revised to avoid implying specific benefits that may or may not be realized with this type of operation. Overall the changes are intended to remove terms and suggestions that imply marketing or environmental value and utilize terms and verbiage that is agnostic and scientifically relevant to this test method.

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