ASTM WK65237

    New Test Method for Slash Resistance of Protective Products Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections

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    1. Scope

    1.1This test method assesses the slash resistance of protective products worn by law enforcement personnel, corrections personnel, and other industries where slash resistance is of concern to protect against slash attacks with commercial edged blade weapons. 1.2The equipment and procedures in this test method are based on Home Office Center for Applied Science and Technology Publication Number: 008/18, Slash resistant materials. 1.3This test method addresses two levels of protection as described below: SR1 protection to lower-risk areas of the body where a slash attack would not be considered life threatening (e.g. hands, outer arms). SR2 protection to higher-risk areas of the body where a slash attack would be considered life threatening (e.g. neck). 1.4This test method assesses performance using test items that represent end products. This method does not apply to testing of end products. 1.4.1The end product may not be uniform in terms of the protection it provides and different portions or areas of the product may have different levels of protection for different areas of the product. 1.5The supplier will identify which area of the product provides protection from the slash threat. 1.6It is expected that this test method will be used by suppliers, test laboratories, certification bodies, and purchasers. 1.7It is intended that a conformity assessment document will be used in conjunction with this specification





    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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