ASTM WK65136

    Revision of C1063 - 18b Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster

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    Active Standard: C1063 - 21

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    ceiling; expansion control joints; lath; plaster; screed; suspended ceiling; walls;;


    The currently indicated wood framing and wood-based structural panel moisture content levels in C1063 conflict with extensive research published by the Forest Products Laboratory which recommends: Moisture content (MC) in excess of 20% is a major predictor of performance problems with wood and wood products, influencing their susceptibility to fungal and insect infestation and the susceptibility of fasteners embedded in them to corrosion. High MC and repetitive, large fluctuations in MC are also implicated in creep deflection. To prevent these deleterious effects and to provide for the long service life of solid wood in use, an MC of 20% or less has therefore long been recommended. This level is approximately the equilibrium MC value of wood at 90% relative humidity and room temperature. It corresponds with approximately 19% MC in construction plywood and 17% MC in oriented strand board.

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    C11 (21-02)

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