ASTM WK65117

    New Specification for Metric and Inch-sized Crosslinkable Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This specification covers crosslinkable PE pipe that is extruded in accordance with the dimensional and diameter ratios requirements of Specification F2788. Included are requirements and test methods for material, workmanship, dimensions, burst pressure, hydrostatic sustained pressure, environmental stress cracking, stabilizer functionality, oxidative stability in chlorinated water, UV weathering protection, degree of crosslinking, and minimum operating temperature. Requirements for pipe markings are also specified. 1.2 The pipe covered by this standard specification is intended for pressure and non-pressure applications, such as, industrial and general-purpose pipelines, process and generated water pipelines, and fire extinguishing pipelines. Fluids possibly transferred in these pipelines are water, water solutions, multi-phase mixtures, crude oil, dry and wet gas, and industrial chemicals. Pipe made in accordance with this standard are expected to be specified by a piping engineer on a project-by-project basis. It is expected that persons knowledgeable in the installation and commissioning of crosslinkable PE piping supervise such projects. 1.3 This standard specification allows for pipes made from crosslinkable PE compounds to be crosslinked before, during or after installation. Pipes made in accordance with this standard specification are intended to be converted from crosslinkable PE pipes into PEX pipes over the course of installation and use. 1.4 Appendix X5 presents a rationale for the use of pipes that are crosslinked during or after installation and the requirements specified for these pipes in this standard specification. 1.5 Pipes made in accordance with this standard specification are intended to have limited use for potable water applications. Arrangements for the demonstration of compliance with the requirements of NSF 14, NSF 61and other potable water requirements are outside of the scope of this standard specification. 1.6 It is possible to use crosslinkable PE pipes to fabricate fittings. Fabrication of fittings using pipes made in accordance with this standard specification is encouraged; however the requirements for the fabrication of fittings are outside the scope of this standard specification. 1.7 It is possible to join crosslinkable PE pipes made in accordance with this standard specification by butt fusion prior to completion of crosslinking; however appropriate butt fusion practice is outside the scope of this standard specification.


    crosslinkable polyethylene; crosslinkable PE; crosslinked polyethylene; hydrostatic stress; PEX; PPI; pipe; pressure


    Crosslinkable PE pipe has no specification at this time. There are users who take advantage of the properties of crosslinkable PE to crosslink pipes after they have been installed, or to perform butt fusion on the pipe to join it. The most pressing need for this standard is to provide standardized stock material that may be converted into fittings, which then may be crosslinked. It is very difficult to produce large dimension fittings from PEX, but much easier to do so using PE or crosslinkable PE.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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