ASTM WK65116

    New Test Method for Determining Effects of RAP, RAS and other Additives on Performance of Asphalt Mixtures from Extracted and Composite Binders

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This standard describes the test method for performance evaluation of asphalt materials at low, high, and intermediate temperatures using Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) and the Minimum Strain Rate (m*) methodology. The test is conducted at a range of temperatures to determine the effect of RAP, RAS, GTR, REOB and other additives on asphalt mixtures. 1.2This standard is appropriate for any unaged or aged fine particulate asphalt materials, where fine particulate asphalt materials could contain particles sized less than 20% of the gap between the DSR parallel plates. Fine particulate asphalt material could be unmodified and modified extracted asphalt binder and emulsion and recovered composite binder (asphalt binder in the mix containing filler and any other additives).


    Asphalt, materials, Low-temperature Cracking, Fatigue Test, incremental Repeated Load Permanent Deformation, Minimum Strain Rate, m*, iRLPD, Mixture PG


    This standard is needed for determining the effect of RAP/RAS on mechanical performance of asphalt mixtures. The results of the test are going to be used for QA/QC. The users are asphalt lab technicians and engineers.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    D04.26 (19-01)

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