ASTM WK65056

    Revision of F3269 - 17 Standard Practice for Methods to Safely Bound Flight Behavior of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Containing Complex Functions

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    Active Standard: F3269 - 17

    Developed by Subcommittee: F38.01 | Committee F38 | Contact Staff Manager



    adaptive; airworthiness; artificial intelligence; automated; autonomous software; complex; run-time assurance; safety; safety monitor; security; software; unmanned aircraft system;;


    Goal is to develop the standard to a level of capability that defines run-time monitoring (RTA) attributes to a level that the FAA or CAA will agree that monitors developed to this standard are sufficient to allow the UAS to evolve the complex function with its associated avionics equipment and sensors without requiring vehicle recertification as the CONOPS evolve after initial certification. a. Provide additional guidance on Safety Monitor design best practices, to explicitly include guidance on partitioning, dissimilarity, and the option for multiple individual safety monitors comprising the Safety Monitor function, as well as defining safety monitor classes and key attributes. b. Provide additional use cases as Appendices. c. Provide additional information contrasting the F3269 approach with other architectural approaches (e.g., SAE ARP 4754A, RTCA DO-178C). d. Modify requirements to performance based to allow multiple implementation and implementation architectures e. Make additional updates as required.

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    George Wilber


    F38 (21-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as F3269-2021 and Pending Publication