ASTM WK65041

    New Specification for UAS Remote ID and Tracking

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    1. Scope

    Scope Environment Any low altitude geographical area generally under 400 feet AGL both urban and rural (in and beyond cellular infrastructure range), regardless of airspace class. Operations During operation of the UAS, a Unique ID, (and possibly other registration numbers) along with location and vector (speed/direction) will be communicated at a regular interval such that a compliant receiver will be able to identify an aircraft that is within operating range of the receiver for broadcast mechanisms and network range for network mechanisms. Aircraft --(Ref: F2910 (specification defines the design, construction, and test requirements for a small unmanned aircraft system), F3298 (specification covers the airworthiness requirements for the design of fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems. This specification defines the baseline design, construction, and verification requirements for an unmanned aircraft system.)) UAS generally operating at a ground speed below 100mph. Fixed-wing, rotorcraft, hybrid transitional categories Not necessarily for UAS operating with approval using ADS-B, Mode-S, Mode-C transponders.





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