ASTM WK64951

    Revision of A484 / A484M - 18 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Stainless Steel Bars, Billets, and Forgings

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    Active Standard: A484 / A484M - 20a

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    general delivery requirements; stainless steel bars; stainless steel billets; stainless steel forgings; stainless steel shapes;;


    Request for Revision of Standard Specification ASTM A484, Section 8.1.4 The current requirement is overly restrictive as it does not allow for the use of common alloys in a condition other than hot-finished. While the use of forge rod in the hot-finished state is generally preferred because it comprises the raw material with the lowest cost, such forge rod is not always readily available with the required diameter. However, cold-drawn bar with the required diameter may be available. The use of cold-drawn bar should be allowed to produce small forgings, so long as the cold-drawn bar has been produced from solution-annealed bar. Considering that cold-drawn bar is available with relatively smaller diameter only, typically 2 diameter max., forgings produced from cold-drawn bar would also be relatively small. Re-ballot with updated wording based on feedback from November 2018 sub-committee meeting.

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