ASTM WK64909

    New Guide for Friction Limited Aircraft Braking Measurements and Reporting

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    1. Scope

    This standard is centered around transport category aircraft. All references to regulatory guidance refer to FAR part 25 and related publications. Any aircraft type that also refers to these same guidance materials may use this standard.


    aircraft friction, braking measurements, reporting


    5.1 The Aircraft Braking Action Report standard intends to provide information, discussion, philosophies, methods, and, to an extent, requirements for acceptable compliance. Use of this standard acknowledges the need to improve situational awareness of aircraft braking action for pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and potentially airport personnel, with future, fully integrated information sharing systems. 5.2 Use of the methods and philosophies within the standard in the calculation of aircraft braking action reports will provide more accurate information and data than exists in todays use of pilot reports (PIREPs and AIREPs). Individual implementations of these standards will differ based on the intended function of the system as well as the data sources and computational tools used. As such, there are a wide range of methods that can be used to show compliance. The party responsible for providing acknowledgment of a designers compliance shall use this document as a guide, however the specific methods deemed acceptable may be determined based on the specifics of the design. 5.3 Designers/implementers and end users alike should consider the discussion points and philosophies listed to ensure proper use and implementation of this standard. The intent is to offer concepts and ideas on achieving the highest confidence level possible for the type of function being designed.

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