ASTM WK64713

    Revision of A1099 / A1099M - 17 Standard Specification for Modified Alloy Steel Forgings, Forged Bar, and Rolled Bar Commonly Used in Oil and Gas Pressure Vessels

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    Active Standard: A1099 / A1099M - 17

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    bar; forged bar; forging; gas; low alloy steel; oil and gas; oilfield; petroleum;;


    The composition range specified for Nb (Cb) for Grade 4130OF in ASTM A1099 Table 2 is an error. The composition specified for Nb (Cb) for Grade 4130OF in ASTM A1099 Table 2 should be 0.02 (maximum) instead of 0.02 - 0.05. Grade F22OF and Grade 8620OF in ASTM A1099 already specify the Nb (Cb) composition as 0.02 (maximum) to match the value specified in DNV-GL RP0034 to facilitate uniformity. Additionally, a minimum Nb (Cb) level is not required for 4130 and even if required, a range of 0.02 - 0.05 would be too tight for a trace element.

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    Timothy Haeberle


    A01.22 (19-03)

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