ASTM WK64659

    Revision of C126 - 17 Standard Specification for Ceramic Glazed Structural Clay Facing Tile, Facing Brick, and Solid Masonry Units

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    Active Standard: C126 - 17

    Developed by Subcommittee: C15.02 | Committee C15 | Contact Staff Manager



    brick; ceramic glaze; clay; glaze properties; masonry; physical properties; shale; tile;;


    There is an ongoing process to standardize to the extent possible the format and content of the standards for clay masonry units: C126, C212, C216, C652, C1088, and C1405. In the June 2018 meetings, the section headings in the standards were presented compared and ASTM C126 was identified as the only standard without a Classification section. The classification content already existed within the standard in the Scope section; therefore, the intent of this proposal is to create a Classification section and relocate the classification content to this section. In addition, the proposal relocates the Coring section within the standard to match the placement in other similar standards.

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    Cortney Fried


    C15 (18-03)

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