ASTM WK64558

    New Guide for Evaluating Water Miscible Metalworking Fluid Foaming Tendency

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    1. Scope

    Provide guidance on protocols than can be used to evaluate the foaming tendency of water miscible metalworking fluids. Evaluations discussed in this document are applicable for use during formulation development, as field diagnostic or condition monitoring tests, or both.


    water miscible metalworking fluids, MWF, foam tests, foaming tendency


    Methods ASTM D3519 and ASTM D3601 were withdrawn in 2013. Although each method had some utility neither method reliably predicted in use foaming tendency. Since methods D3519 and D3601 were first adopted a number of more predictive test protocols have been developed however, it is also become common knowledge that no single protocol is universally suitable for predicting water miscible metalworking fluid (MWF) foaming tendency. Moreover, there are no generally recognized reference standard fluid (either MWF or foam control additive). This guide provides an overview of foaming tendency evaluation protocols and their appropriate use.

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