ASTM WK64392

    Revision of D2234 / D2234M - 17 Standard Practice for Collection of a Gross Sample of Coal

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    Active Standard: D2234 / D2234M - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: D05.23 | Committee D05 | Contact Staff Manager




    Subcommittee D05.23 on sampling has asked the Task Group to conduct a review of D2234 with the objective of improving the standard. Specific areas that need attention are: 1.The distinction between Probability Sampling and Non-probability Sampling (or Judgment sampling). It is felt that this distinction can be better explained, and key definitions added. 2.The current standard does not direct the user to the appropriate standard for the sampling based on the Condition except in the case of D7430. Thus, references to D6609, D6883, etc. should be added. 3.To make a clearer distinction that the sample from a mechanical sampling system is not a Gross sample but one that has been reduced and/or divided within the sampling system.

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