ASTM WK64336

    New Practice for The Sampling of Cannabis/Hemp Post-Harvest Batches for Laboratory Analyses

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    1. Scope

    Cannabis/Hemp harvested materials require sampling strategies throughout their life cycle, from cultivation to the end consumer. This practice provides strategies for the sampling of Cannabis/Hemp for harvest batch testing of cannabinoid identification, potency, identification and concentration of terpenes, concentration of trace metals, microbiological activity, and concentration of pesticides. All testing requires Laboratory analyses for both Quality Control and Regulatory disclosures through to the consumer. Cannabis/hemp materials often exhibit inhomogeneity across different parts within the same plant and/or across different plants within the same cultivar. The reliability of any conclusions drawn from the analysis of a sample will depend upon how well the sample represents the whole batch. This practice will define the best sampling practices within the industry for cannabis/hemp harvest batches for purposes of collecting as representative a sample as possible.


    cannabis; marijuana; hemp; harvest; batches; agricultural; laboratory; analyses; regulatory; concentrations; identifications; contaminants;


    This practice will provide best practices for the sampling of various cannabis/hemp harvest batches of cannabis flower or plant materials with the intent assuring representative sampling. Such practices are necessary for the generation of samples representative to the harvest batch. The Laboratory results and their respective harvest batch associations can have implications to regulatory requirements and quality control considerations throughout the products life cycle, up to and including human and animal consumption.

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