ASTM WK64308

    Revision of D6245 - 18 Standard Guide for Using Indoor Carbon Dioxide Concentrations to Evaluate Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

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    Active Standard: D6245 - 18

    Developed by Subcommittee: D22.05 | Committee D22 | Contact Staff Manager



    air change; air changes per hour; air change rate; building; carbon dioxide; indoor air quality; odor; tracer gas; ventilation;;


    The 2018 revision of this standard updated only a single section of the standard, specifically the estimation of CO2 generation rates from building occupants. The need for this revision was identified almost immediately after the 2012 version of the standard was published, with the subcommittee agreeing that after this section was updated the subcommittee would work to update the entire standard. Since 2012, a number of issues with the rest of the standard were identified that will be helpful in revising the full standard.

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    Andrew Persily

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