ASTM WK64282

    Withdrawal of C1144 - 89(2011) Standard Test Method for Splitting Tensile Strength for Brittle Nuclear Waste Forms

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    nuclear scrap and waste materials; tension (tensile) properties/tests-tensile strength;


    This standard is being balloted for withdrawal with no replacement because this test method, used to measure the static splitting tensile strength of cylindrical specimens of brittle nuclear waste forms (e.g., glass, glass ceramic), is not currently required to qualify waste forms for disposal, e.g., per the Waste Acceptance Product Specification for Vitrified High-Level Waste Forms (EM-WAPS), the Waste Acceptance System Requirements Document (DOE/RW-351P), or Land Disposal Restrictions. If in the future, splitting tensile strength data is needed, the Subcommittee would complete a necessary Round Robin, complete the Precision and Bias section and ballot for reinstatement with revisions.

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    Gary Smith


    C26 (18-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as C1144-1989(2011) and Pending Publication