ASTM WK63900

    New Test Method for Determination of Paraffin Content in Saturated Bio-Jet Fuel by Gas Chromatography

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    1. Scope

    1. Scope 1.1 This test method covers the determination of paraffin content in saturated bio-jet fuel by gas chromatography. 1.2 The paraffin content is determined from 85- 100% by mass.


    bio-jet; hydrocarbons; jet; jet fuel; kero


    5.1 Specification D7655, unless otherwise provided, prescribes the required properties of aviation turbine fuel at the time and place of batch origination. The aviation turbine fuel shall conform to the requirements prescribed in Table 1 Part 1 and Table 1 Part 2 unless otherwise noted in Annex A1. Test results shall not exceed the maximum or be less than the minimum values specified in Table 1, Table A1.1, and Table A1.2. 5.2 Table A1.2 prescribes cycloparaffin concentration be a maximum of 15 mass%. 5.3 Due to the nature of the chemical composition of some bio-jet fuels, standard analysis of the sample by ASTM D2425 for cycloparaffin content may yield a higher concentration of cycloparaffins than are actually present in the sample. 5.4 This method alleviates the potential for overestimating the cycloparaffin concentration by instead measuring the concentration of identified paraffins. Any unidentified peaks are classified as potential cycloparaffins.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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