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    Revision of C1190 - 95(2010) Standard Practice for Location of Test Specimens from Magnesia-Carbon and Impregnated Burned Basic Brick

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    Active Standard: C1190 - 95(2010)

    Developed by Subcommittee: C08.92 | Committee C08 | Contact Staff Manager



    impregnated burned brick; magnesia-carbon; pitch-bearing brick; refractories; resin-bonded brick; specimen operation; Brick; Carbon brick; Impregnated basic brick; Magnesia-carbon brick; Refractories (bricks and shapes); Specimen preparation (for testing); Tar-bonded brick;


    During a review of C1190, Brian Rayner caught some errors and had some suggestions for edits. See below for specifics. Items have been changed in the edited document balloted for approval. 1.Add Use Test Method C133 for measuring the three-point modulus of rupture. As the first sentence in 6.1. Also add C133 to the list of references in 2.1. 2.Is the statement in 6.9 necessary? If we dont tell the reader how to measure cold modulus of rupture, then we need to refer them to C133. 3.A thermal expansion specimen is identified in Figure 1 but the committee has still not determined a method for measurement per 6.8. Is this a new work item for C08.01? Why not just use E228 (thermal expansion by dilatometer)? 4.Section 6.3 calls for drying. We should remind the reader about pitch impregnated samples here (as done in 4.3). 5.In sections 6.6 and 6.7, change the word in to for.

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