ASTM WK63457

    Revision of B888 / B888M - 17 Standard Specification for Copper Alloy Strip for Use in Manufacture of Electrical Connectors or Spring Contacts

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    Active Standard: B888 / B888M - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: B05.01 | Committee B05 | Contact Staff Manager



    coefficient of thermal expansion; density; electrical conductivity; electrical connectors; electrical resistivity; elongation; modulus of elasticity; spring contacts; thermal conductivity; yield strength; UNS No. C14530; UNS No. C15100; UNS No. C15500; UNS No. C17000; UNS No. C17200; UNS No. C17410; UNS No. C17450; UNS No. C17460; UNS No. C17500; UNS No. C17510; UNS No. C19002; UNS No. C19010; UNS No. C19015; UNS No. C19025; UNS No. C19210; UNS No. C19400; UNS No. C19500; UNS No. C19700; UNS No. C23000; UNS No. C26000; UNS No. C40810; UNS No. C40850; UNS No. C40860; UNS No. C42200; UNS No. C42500; UNS No. C42520; UNS No. C42600; UNS No. C50580; UNS No. C50780; UNS No. C51000; UNS No. C51080; UNS No. C51100; UNS No. C51180; UNS No. C51980; UNS No. C52100; UNS No. C52180; UNS No. C52480; UNS No. C63800; UNS No. C64725; UNS No. C65400; UNS No. C68800; UNS No. C70250; UNS No. C70260; UNS No. C70265; UNS No. C70310; UNS No. C70350; UNS No. C72650; UNS No. C72700; UNS No. C72900; UNS No. C75200; UNS No. C76200;;


    As a user (Molex)we purchase these many strips specified to ASTM B888 and have received deviation requests from certain suppliers who state that on a number of these strain hardened alloy, they can center the Tensile requirement within the range but the Yield strength drops out the bottom when fine grain processes are used and sometimes when relief anneals are applied. The methodology to be applied would be this: Many of the Global suppliers for these metal strips would be queried as to which strain hardened alloys would be problematic in ASTM B888 and what their recommendations might be. The task group team, T. Pilkington, T. Clark, S. Ramon would then review the producer input and determine if yield strength corrections are in order. This would be TG 122B as per Rory Montgomery

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