ASTM WK63261

    Revision of E1316 - 18a Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

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    Active Standard: E1316 - 21c

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    These are new definitions that apply to inspection of HDPE fusions. Therefore, I think they are Common NDT terms. They would be used by both MW and UT, as a minimum. They are required to properly define typical conditions associated with HDPE fusions and are specific to NDE of those joints. The terms include commonly used terminology that describes certain conditions of HDPE joints that currently have no formal definition and are therefore often used in conflicting circumstances. The purpose for the definitions is to help eliminate confusion when using the terms. Various ASME working groups have requested that these definitions be published to prevent future confusion and provide common ground for HDPE inspection. The definitions have been reviewed and vetted by many individual experts in both the NDE and HDPE industry.

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    E07 (18-02)

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