ASTM WK63171

    Revision of G1 - 03(2017)e1 Standard Practice for Preparing, Cleaning, and Evaluating Corrosion Test Specimens

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    Active Standard: G1 - 03(2017)e1

    Developed by Subcommittee: G01.05 | Committee G01 | Contact Staff Manager



    cleaning; corrosion product removal; evaluation; mass loss; metals; preparation; specimens ;;


    In G01, Annex A1, Table A1.1, several cleaning procedures call out the use of chromium trioxide (CrO3), which has been restricted from use in Europe by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals). We need to evaluate whether there is a REACH compliant replacement for this, and if not, give some guidance to international users of the standard as to how they should move forward.

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    William Tobin

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