ASTM WK63030

    Revision of C926 - 18a Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster

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    Active Standard: C926 - 20b

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    bond; brown coat; cementitious; exterior plaster; fog coat; portland cement; scratch coat; stucco;;


    1. The phrase Provide sufficient moisture in the plaster mix is subjective and not sufficient as a method for assuring continuous hydration as described in X1.5.1.2, so it is removed. 2. Moist curing base coats is essential to minimizing cracking which become visible in the finish coat. Ambient humidity levels are not sufficient even at 100% relative humidity for assuring continuous hydration and often fluctuate during the cement plaster curing phase and therefore are not reliable to assure continuous hydration as required. 3. Word fog used here in the context of curing does not accurately describe the moist curing process, and may be misconstrued with fog coat at and 7.7 which regards color consistency of a cement-based finish coat, so it is removed in reference to the moist curing process to eliminate the use of words with two meanings. 4. Current paragraph X1.5.2.4 adds nothing meaningful to C926 in light of these revisions, so it is removed.

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