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    Revision of F1959 / F1959M - 14e1 Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing

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    Active Standard: F1959 / F1959M - 14e1

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    Here are the major points of this proposed revision: Section 1 scope, minor editorial changes Section 3 Terminology, small editorial, units and added AR(limit) as new term in Arc Rating to be used when limited to 100 cal at top end. -Section 6 Apparatus. - This section was all mixed going back and forth between construction, placement and specification and method. I tried to untangle this and separate into clear text for each. - Much more detail for panel and monitor construction - added Table with specific distance and angles for calorimeters - specification for the structural cage added - specification for electrical supply expanded - specification for data acquisition system improved - All drawings need updating , old drawings remain for now Section 7 - precaution -More straightforward listing of the hazards rather than state what safety barriers of process should be done. Each laboratory and country will have its own requirements for dealing with hazards. Section 8 - sampling -Minor changes, clarified test preconditioning requirements, previous were too restrictive and intended to be for accurate AAD determination. Section 9 calibration -Calorimeter check procedure cleaned up and made easier to follow. -Apparatus verification procedure cleaned up and made easier to follow. Prior reference of base shots was based on calculated level and % high/low of laboratory. New requirements are based on actual incident energy level obtained from years of testing and based on result from 3 laboratories. Section 10 apparatus case and maintenance -Mostly editorial to have more detailed instruction and process for maintenance and care. Section 11 Procedure -Previously this was difficult to follow having test procedure and calculations intermixed. Attempted to separate procedure from process from calculations into a logic order to follow. - 11.1 general procedure -11.3 Sequence for ATPV -11.4 Sequence for Ebt -11.5 Arc rating limit Section 12 Interpretation of results -Completely re-organized to contain all calculation and process for determining arc rating -12.1 determining time zero -12.2 heat energy calculation for all calorimeters -12.3 incident energy (Ei) -12.4 Panel sensor energy -12.5 Stoll curve comparison -12.6 determination of ATPV -12.7 determination of Ebt -12.8 Establishing Arc Rating Section 13 reporting -Cleaned up the report requirements -Straightforward what is required as minimum, based on what has been requested for past years of testing and useful to end-user.

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