ASTM WK62277

    Revision of D4383 - 12 Standard Specification for Plowable, Raised Retroreflective Pavement Markers

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    Active Standard: D4383 - 18

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    delineation; plowable markers; raised pavement markers; retroreflective markers;


    This standard primarily addresses either markers that consist of a metallic holder for the retroreflective lens that are installed in the pavement in such a way that a portion of the holder is below the pavement surface with a portion of the holder and the lens positioned above the pavement surface, or standard markers without a holder that are installed in a groove placing the entire marker below the pavement surface. Currently there are some raised pavement markers that have been developed and introduced into the market that consist of non-metallic holders and the retroreflective lens. Some of these products are designed to position the retroreflective lens above the pavement surface and some products are designed to position the lens below the pavement surface. The proposed revisions to this standard are designed to address these new products and installation techniques.

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