ASTM WK62271

    New Specification for for Conformity Assessment of Metal Detectors Used in Safety and Security

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    1. Scope

    : To establish the conformity assessment requirements for metal detectors used in safety and security applications. The conformity assessment will be based on the baseline performance requirements and associated test methods and test objects that are described in ASTM F3020-16, Performance Standard for Hand-Worn Metal Detectors Used in Safety and Security, and ASTM F3278-17, Performance Standard for Hand-Held Metal Detectors Used in Safety and Security. The conformity program will establish a process to ensure that fielded models of these metal detectors conform to the above-mentioned ASTM performance standards, ensure the consistent application of the ASTM performance standards, and establish requirements of the certification bodys accreditation process and operation of the certification program.




    Standard is the foundation of the conformity assessment program for Hand-Worn and Hand-Held Metal Detectors.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Nicholas Paulter, Jr


    F12 (18-04)

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