ASTM WK62092

    New Test Methods for Strength of Anchors in Masonry Elements

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    1. Scope

    1.1 These test methods address the tensile and shear strengths of post-installed and cast-in-place anchors in test members made of masonry assemblies. Loadings include quasi-static, seismic, fatigue and shock. Environmental exposures include freezing and thawing, moisture, decreased and elevated temperatures and corrosion. These test methods provide basic testing procedures for use with product-specific evaluation and acceptance standards and are intended to be performed in a testing laboratory. Product-specific evaluation and acceptance standards may add specific details and appropriate parameters as needed to accomplish the testing. Only those tests required by the specifying authority need to be performed. 1.2 These test methods are intended for use with post-installed and cast-in-place anchors designed for installation perpendicular to a plane surface of a test member. 1.3 This standard prescribes separate procedures for static, seismic, fatigue and shock testing. Nothing in this standard, however, shall preclude combined tests incorporating two or more of these types of loading (such as seismic, fatigue and shock tests in series). 1.4 Both inch-pound and SI units are provided in this standard. The testing may be performed in either system and reported in that system and the results converted to the other. However, anchor diameters, threads, and related testing equipment shall be in accordance with either inch-pound or SI provisions.


    adhesive anchor; anchors; anchor capacity; cast-in-place anchor; concrete elements; creep test; environmental test; expansion anchor; fatigue; post-installed anchors; screw anchor; seismic; shear test; shock; static; sustained load test; tension test; test member; test methods


    In the past, E488 (2003) included strength tests for both concrete and masonry anchors. This test method is specified in the current version of the TMS 402. The current version of the E488 (2010) has removed reference to masonry substrates. The test method is now for concrete substrates alone. Changes of the E488 were found to not be appropriate to masonry. This resulted in masonry substrates being removed from this testing standard that has been used to establish anchor capacities in masonry. It is important that a testing standard for anchors in masonry be developed to replace a standard that is 13 years old and not being revised. As a result the Chairman of the TMS 402 committee has asked C15 to consider developing a test method for anchors in masonry similar to the E488 (2003). The 2003 version of E488 will serve as a basis of this new test method.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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