ASTM WK61907

    Revision of B694 - 13 Standard Specification for Copper, Copper-Alloy, Copper-Clad Bronze (CCB), Copper-Clad Stainless Steel (CCS), and Copper-Clad Alloy Steel (CAS) Sheet and Strip for Electrical Cable Shielding

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    Active Standard: B694 - 19

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    bimetallic; cladding ratio; copper; copper alloy; copper-clad bronze; copper-clad alloy steel; copper-clad stainless steel; electric cable shielding; electrical conductivity; grain size; Rockwell Hardness; sheet; strip; tensile; UNS No. C11000; UNS No. C19400; UNS No. C22000; UNS No. C23000; UNS No. C64785; UNS No. C66400; UNS No. C66410; UNS No. C66430; UNS No. C71000; UNS No. G41300; UNS No. S43000;


    Standard B694 allows ETP copper C11000 for shielding cable. However, ETP copper C11040 should be added to the standard because it meets the B694 requirements, has the same copper content, but also lists the allowed impurity values. Consequently, quality should be improved.

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