ASTM WK61704

    Revision of E747 - 04(2010) Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture and Material Grouping Classification of Wire Image Quality Indicators (IQI) Used for Radiology

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    Active Standard: E747 - 18

    Developed by Subcommittee: E07.01 | Committee E07 | Contact Staff Manager



    density; image quality level; IQI; radiologic; radiology; X-ray and gamma radiation; Classification; Design--radiology; Gamma radiation; Image analysis--radiographic testing; IQI (image quality indicators); Penetrameters; Quality control (QC)--radiographic testing; Radiographic examination; Radiological examination; X-irradiation; X-ray monitoring/processing;


    Working on 5 year revision and would like to perform a round robin test.

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    Uwe Ewert

    Draft Under Development