ASTM WK61440

    Revision of C1713 - 17 Standard Specification for Mortars for the Repair of Historic Masonry

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    Active Standard: C1713 - 17

    Developed by Subcommittee: C12.03 | Committee C12 | Contact Staff Manager



    absorption rate; air content; compressive strength; flexural bond strength; hydrated lime; hydraulic cement; hydraulic lime; lime putty; masonry; natural cement; portland cement masonry cement; preservation; repointing; total porosity; water retention; water vapor permeability;;


    The Task Group has had feedback from practitioners that have been using this standard that aspects of the required WVP testing are cumbersome when used on a frequent and repeated basis and that results have not always been consistent. The alternative procedure introduced in this Appendix seeks to simplify the repetition of WVP testing by allowing comparative WVT tests, which are simpler and less restrictive to run, that reference a single sample for which the WVP has already been established. This procedure also allows for comparative testing of mortar in contrast to samples of masonry unit materials in order to make rational decisions as to their relative compatibilities within a given masonry assembly.

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