ASTM WK61159

    New Guide for Use of Geocells in Geotechnical and Roadway Projects

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    1. Scope

    This guide is intended to cover basic considerations for the use of geocells in geotechnical projects.


    geocell; cellular confinement; geotechnical engineering; stabilization; ground improvement; slope; retaining wall; channel protection


    There is currently no guide for the use of geocells in geotechnical projects. Standard guidance is needed to bring a more unified understanding of the most efficient and appropriate ways to utilize this type of ground improvement technology for a variety of geotechnical-related applications, including but not limited to: slope stability, erosion control, retaining walls, earth retention, channel protection, pavement load support, and subgrade improvement. Engineers and owners interested in using this manufactured product can refer to the information in this guide to learn about key design principles, properties, and methodologies for applicable geotechnical applications.

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