ASTM WK60947

    Revision of F2316 - 12(2014) Standard Specification for Airframe Emergency Parachutes

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    Active Standard: F2316 - 12(2014)

    Developed by Subcommittee: F37.70 | Committee F37 | Contact Staff Manager



    aircraft; airframe; ballistic recovery; parachute;;


    At the October 2017 meetings of both F37 and F44 in New Orleans, LA, USA, the question was asked if F2316 could serve as a means of compliance for both light-sport aircraft but also Part 23/CS-23 aircraft - thus avoiding unneeded duplication. A previous task group, WK52000, specifically looking at placards and markings to help aid emergency first responders was closed in order to look at the standard more comprehensively. It should be noted that the previous task group found the current standards requirements for placards and markings to be adequate when coupled with targeted education and training for emergency responders. The purpose of the task group is to evaluate the current standard and determine if any additions, edits, or modifications can be made to make it applicable to both sets of aircraft.

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