ASTM WK60935

    Revision of D7899 - 13 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Merit of Dispersancy of In-Service Engine Oils with Blotter Spot Method

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    Active Standard: D7899 - 13

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.96.02 | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    D7899 does contain a precision statement. The method was approved in 2013 and we had five years to publish a D7899 version with a precision based on an ILS. An ILS will be carried in the coming three months and a research report will be written. As soon as the research report will be approved, the method will be updated.


    condition monitoring; diesel engine oils; dispersancy; in-service petroleum lubricants; lubricants; oils; oxidation; soot;
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    Herve Cleris

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