ASTM WK60913

    Revision of B857 - 14 Standard Specification for Shaped Wire Compact Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Coated-Steel Supported (ACSS/TW)

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    Active Standard: B857 - 18

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    1. Rationale

    1) Addition of Clause 7.10 to address lay ratio rules for adjacent layers in the conductor. The wording adopts what IEC 61089 and CSA C61089 state for overhead conductor and formalizes the rules of applying lay factors for a conductor design. While this knowledge is common practice in conductor design, it was not stated in the ASTM standard. 2) Add a footnote to Table 1 indicating that for 795 kcmil Type 10 (Puffin ACSS TW) conductor the indicated 0.1108 steel wire size does not correspond with the concentric round wire 795 kcmil 22/7 Puffin ACSS conductor configuration. The round wire construction utilizes a 0.1056 diameter steel core wire. The round wire construction utilizes a 0.1056 diameter steel core wire. The industry accepted dimension for the Puffin ACSS TW steel wire is 0.1108. 3) Add in the reference to ASTM B1006 Code Word Names specification and update Table 1 and Table 2 footnote on the code word name reference to ASTM B1006.


    aluminum conductors; concentric-lay stranded aluminum conductors; electrical conductors; electrical conductors, aluminum; steel-reinforced conductors; steel-supported aluminum conductors; stranded aluminum conductors;
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    Gordon Baker


    B01 (18-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as B857-2018 and Pending Publication